How to plan the perfect exhibition

by | Oct 27, 2021 | Exhibiting | 0 comments

As life starts to return to normal, post lockdown, business events and exhibitions are back on! These are not part of every business’ marketing strategy, but they can be very effective if planned and thought through carefully. Here are 8 tips for the perfect exhibition strategy

Decide what exhibitions to attend

We suggest that you plan your exhibiting strategy at least a year in advance. Research the shows and exhibitions in your sector and decide which you will attend. Don’t try and fit too much in, so you end up doing them half heartedly…to read more about how to decide which exhibitions to attend you can read our FAQ here

Choose your stand carefully

One of the benefits of planning your exhibition strategy in advance is you should get your pick of the stand spaces. Take a look at the floor plan and choose a stand with a good flow of visitor traffic – near the entrance, food courts or break out areas are always good.

Get professional exhibition graphics

We suggest that once you have booked your stand you use tape to mark out the real-life space. This will allow you to visualise what will fit and what you will need to fill the space. There are many options on exhibition graphics, make sure you find the right solution to give a professional appearance. You can read about the various exhibition options in our FAQ

Think about a giveaway

If visitor numbers are likely to be high it is a good idea to have a promotional product with which to entice them to stop at your stand. Once again there are literally hundreds of options. Choose one that suits your budget and sector or unique selling points.

Think about what you will wear

Having branded clothing for you or your team to wear at an event gives a professional and united image. It also means that when you move about the exhibition – perhaps on a coffee or lunch break people will be able to see your brand. Branded clothing can be very cost effective and can of course be worn at other times too!

Take a team and plan your time

If you are a one-man or woman band then you may not have a team of people to take to an exhibition, however if you want to be able to have a break or grab a coffee then it is a good idea to rope someone in to help. If you are lucky enough to have a team, then you can split up! Have a couple of team members man the stand, whilst others work the room!

Create a pre-show buzz

In the lead up to your event remember to talk about your attendance. This could be in person, on your website, on your social media, in your email marketing. Invite key clients along to visit you at the show. Ensure you take advantage of all the pre-show PR offered by the exhibition. This could include an advert in the guide, articles in local media or the event’s social media itself.

Follow Up

An exhibition or event isn’t just the day or days you are there….remember to follow up with the people you met. Have a method of recording the information of the people you spoke to and get back in touch with them within a week of the exhibition.