To support the growth of small businesses in the South through creative marketing that delivers enquiries from their ideal customers.


Big Business marketing at a price small businesses can afford.

Core Values


The Inspiration Agency always

– Listens attentively

– Actively communicates

– Delivers creativity with purpose

– Are supportive partners in business

– Allows flexibility

– Delivers – we always get the job done



We are always happy to share our knowledge, skills and experiences with others; colleagues and clients.


We are creative people. A new challenge, client, industry, product or platform is an opportunity to be creative. We always embrace new ideas and information so we can continue to be creative.


We believe that clear and honest communication is the only way to succeed and be happy. We will always be honest and open in our communications with our clients, for our clients and with each other.


We need to make money and our clients need to make money. We understand that our creativity has a financial purpose. The success of our clients’ businesses and the Inspiration Agency is of paramount importance to us.


We will follow the processes of the company so that we can deliver projects again and again to not just satisfy, but delight our clients. We will assess and adjust the systems as needed to ensure our long-term success.


We are always learning. We are always keen to listen to others, ask questions and benefit from the knowledge and advice of others. We are always looking for opportunities to learn and develop. Our skills will grow in line with the business and client’s needs.


We are passionate about achieving results for our clients – more enquiries from the customers they want, resulting in more sales, business growth and ultimately achieving their business goals.


We are always one step ahead. We call or email before our client has to ask. We will always turn up when we say we will, email when we promise, call back when we say we would. Our clients are not left waiting or wondering.


We all rely on each other; clients and suppliers, employees and employer. We are a team. We do not let each other down, but we also understand that life comes before work.


We love our jobs, but our wellbeing, friends and family are the most important thing. Work must be flexible enough to fit. No one goes to their grave wishing they had worked more.


We will always strive to expand our knowledge, to be the expert in our field and to share that knowledge and expertise with our clients and the team.


Working at the Inspiration Agency is fun. We work hard and play hard. We are committed to meeting up face to face with our clients, connections and team on a regular basis. We will always encourage a culture of communication and respect.