How do I decide what exhibitions to attend?

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So if you have decided that exhibiting should be part of your strategy (and do think carefully about the ROI from this strategy) then the next step is deciding which exhibitions to attend.

As part of your marketing strategy you will have identified your target audience and you will need this to decide on exhibitions.

You will need to research exhibitions that your target audience will either be

  • Attending looking for new suppliers or products or,
  • Exhibiting at

Yes that’s right, there can be just as much business to be had from being a fellow exhibitor as there can be from the visitors themselves. You CANNOT canvas the exhibitors if you are a visitor, but you will have the opportunity to network with the other exhibitors if you are one.

Geography is another factor to consider. If your target market is predominantly in the South of England then you only need to look at exhibitions in that part of the country.

Find out everything you can about the exhibitions you are considering. What is the footfall? How much are the stands? What is included? How long is it? Factor in travel costs, accommodation and time away from work in your financials, as well as the exhibition materials themselves. You may find it more cost effective to attend one big exhibition rather than several smaller ones.