What are my options for exhibition graphics

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If you have booked to attend an exhibition one of the first things to consider is what your options are for exhibition graphics. This is really going to depend on what sort of space you will have. Both in terms of the actual square meterage and also whether the exhibition will have what is called a ‘shell scheme’. Finally your position in room will also affect what exhibition graphics will work best. We always recommend marking out your space with tape on the floor to get a real feel for it and also knowing which direction your visitors are likely to be coming from. 

So once you know all this, you have a few options

Bespoke Exhibition Stand 

So this is the gold standard in exhibition stands and you really need to be attending regular events to look at something like this. It will be designed bespoke for your business and created to fit a specific size of space at a shell scheme exhibition. It is likely that it would be stored, constructed and deconstructed for you by exhibition designers each time it is used. I’ve included some visuals here of what bespoke Exhibition Stands look like (these are just pictures of stands we think are cool, we did not create these and these are not our clients). We do not offer Bespoke Exhibition Stands, but as always we know great local companies that do and we can work with them to ensure the design meets the needs of your business and appeals to your target audience! 

Pop Up Exhibition Stand 

A pop up exhibition stand is a great option if you are going to be attending a few exhibitions a year and you are able to book a decent size space from 3×1 metres upwards. They look really professional, can be bespoke designed for your brand and are really easy for one person to transport and put up (as long as you have a little step – or are tall). They are often curved, which means the fit nicely into a shell scheme space and also work at events without any kind of scheme (so just a hall really). The curve gives you something to put your bag, energy bars and bottles of water behind! Here is a picture of a pop up exhibition graphic we created for local Green Centre Sustechs. This includes the curved stand, two pull up banners, LED lights and a wheeled case to carry the whole thing in (which turns into a handy branded table). 

Shell Scheme Graphics 

If you exhibition will have a shell scheme then once you know the size of your shell scheme you could have graphics produced to fit exactly on to the walls. This looks good and leaves you plenty of space in the stand itself, but bear in mind that the shell scheme structure will divide your graphics up and also that these graphics may not fit future exhibitions, so this could be a one use product. Also unless you hire a cupboard (or bring one with you) there is no where to put your ‘stuff’. (These are just pictures of shell scheme we have seen, we did not create these and these are not our clients).

Pull Up Banner 

We think your final option is pull up banners. These are super cost effective and you can get one for a small space or several for a larger space. It’s important to bear in mind what other people will be doing….if you turn up with a pull up banner and everyone else has a pop up or bespoke exhibition stand you will look like the poor cousin. Here are some pull up banners we have created for our clients.

I guess the final option would be print some posters and stick them on the wall….we would not recommend this. If you are going to spend the time and money on an exhibition then make the most of the opportunity. Here is an idea of how this looks (not our design or client).

If you have booked an exhibition for this year or next and would like to get some quotes and ideas for exhibition graphics then get in touch.