Top Projects from 2020

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There is no denying that 2020 was a difficult year and unfortunately it seems that in 2021 things will not be returning to normal as soon as we all hoped.

Here at the Inspiration Agency a lot happened in 2020; we pivoted to become a fully Virtual Agency, we took on new staff members and we introduced new processes and systems to support our clients. We also supported many clients with their marketing in order to grow their businesses, even in such a tricky climate.

We thought it would be nice (and quite uplifting) to look back at some of those projects.

Museum of East Dorset

We pitched for and won the Museum of East Dorset (previously the Priest House Museum in Wimborne) as a client in early 2020 (pre-Covid). We were so pleased to have been chosen as history is a real interest for us and we LOVE a good museum. The project was to rebrand the newly refurbished museum and create deliverables such as;

  • Brand guidelines
  • Poster and advert templates
  • Email marketing template
  • Leaflets for promotion, membership, volunteers
  • A visitor guide
  • Full stationery set including letterhead, continuation sheet, comp slip
  • Visitor stickers and an annual pass template
  • Social media graphics
  • And last but not least a full ecommerce website with the ability for visitors to book Museum tickets and events, join as members and even make donations

Here are a selection of the finished results.

The Venue Salon

We have worked with the Venue Salon since they launched their first salon back in 2016 and in fact worked with Salon Director Emily on her previous beauty business as far back as 2012. Never one to rest on her laurels Emily chose 2020 as the year to launch her second Venue in Westbourne and wasn’t going to let something like a Global Pandemic put her off!

We supported Emily and her team with the launch including;

  • A brand new website to represent both Wallisdown and Westbourne Salons and showcase all of their knowledge and services
  • Signage for the new salon including; the main sign, swing board, window and door graphics and even branded door mat and hand sanitising station
  • Appointment cards, gift certificates, special offer flyers, launch invites and loyalty cards
  • Beautiful eight page price lists for both salons
  • Search engine optimisation to achieve top 5 positions for 8 key search terms!
  • Ongoing social media campaign to raise the profile of the Venue and drive customer enquiries
  • And finally… (although this officially launched in 2021) integrating an online shop into their website to sell Dermalogica and Medik8 products across the UK!

We are in the progress of creating a ‘Venue Magazine’ and are looking forward to rolling that out in 2021!

Here are a selection of the finished results and what Salon Director Emily Dillon had to say about our work:

“As my business has grown, the Inspiration Agency have been able to support me with cost effective marketing solutions in all areas. The Inspiration Agency are really creative and I always love their designs, but they are also really efficient. Nothing gets forgotten and tight deadlines are never a problem.”

The Lifestyle Concept

We met Tracey Beesley, founder of the Lifestyle Concept at a networking event in February 2020 – remember when you could actually go out and meet people! Tracey offers decluttering services and had been running her business for several years, but had found marketing return on investment to be ‘patchy’. Some things she had been advised to do had worked, but others had cost a lot, but not delivered the results she needed.

After a consultation we recommended a marketing strategy that we KNEW would deliver. Unfortunately for Tracey some of our suggestions meant undoing or redoing things she already had in place, but you’ll be happy to hear that it worked and Tracey told us in September last year that she had ‘never been busier’ and that enquiries were ‘flooding in’. Here are some of the things we did for the Lifestyle Concept in 2020;

  • Amended the website structure and content to include; Case Studies, Tips and Videos to demonstrate Tracey’s experience and knowledge to her target audience
  • Created new social media graphics and implemented an ongoing social media campaign across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn with the purpose of being clear about the services Tracey offers and showing examples of her work and skills
  • Implemented a social media advertising campaign to promote Tracey’s services to specific audiences
  • Refined Tracey’s SEO efforts to ensure she was Top for local keywords associated to her business
  • Filmed, edited and distributed fantastic video content of Tracey’s FAQs
  • Created beautiful presentation graphics to support Tracey with her talks to local groups (either virtually or in person)
  • And finally we meet with Tracey quarterly (on zoom at the moment) to give her a full report of all of our ongoing activities and discuss ‘what else’ and ‘what’s next’

Here are a selection of the finished results and what Tracey had to say about our work:

“I feel like I have turned a massive corner with my business, in just a short period. My website is now firing on all cylinders, with great SEO, my social media is now in line and getting a lot more engagement than previously. The Inspiration Agency ‘gets’ my brand and is always coming up with new and inventive ideas to grow my business.”


ConnectUp is a slightly revolutionary business founded by Jo Hompstead, the idea being that as humans we all need Connection! I think that after last year, we would all agree with that! ConnectUp uses this guiding principle to help business people in a number of ways; with a monthly virtual event #ConnectUp, with 1-2-1 sessions and with group coaching and development programmes.

ConnectUp needed the basics to get up and running with their marketing, so we delivered;

  • A logo and brand which communicates their USP to their target audiences
  • Social media graphics for Facebook and LinkedIn
  • A WordPress Template website which outlines all of ConnectUp’s services, as well as demonstrating Jo’s skills and expertise
  • An event booking module which is integrated into the website
  • A marketing strategy that Jo can implement herself

Here are a selection of the finished results and what Jo had to say about our work:

“I can’t recommend the Inspiration Agency highly enough. They are curious and incisive – helping you determine exactly what you need, the look and feel requirements of your brand, and the right choices for your customer base.”

Teresa Rice HR Consultancy

I think it’s fairly obvious what Teresa does…she is a HR Consultant. Teresa wanted to make the most of her connections and grow her business in 2020. We supported Teresa with;

  • A WordPress Template website which communicated effectively with her target audience, but didn’t cost the earth.
  • Copywriting for her website to ensure she communicated the right information in the right way
  • New graphics for her social media channels to reflect her brand
  • An ongoing social media campaign to keep Teresa in the forefront of prospective client’s minds and demonstrate her skills and knowledge

Here are a selection of the finished results and what Teresa had to say about our work:

“The Inspiration Agency recently created a wonderful website for my business and has gone on to help me with social media and posts to raise the profile of my business. I found the whole experience wonderful as they guided me through it all. The team listened very carefully and captured my personality on the website.”

Your Cosmetic Clinic

Your Cosmetic Clinic (YCC) is aesthetic clinic based in Salisbury offering a range of clinical treatments such as dermal fillers and botox. The owner Marie approached us to work with them on their social media. YCC had tried various people and agencies to manage their social media, but never got the results they wanted.

We knew we could get their social media working for them, but in addition we also recommended some additional marketing strategies, we;

  • Carried out a review of their social media channels, identifying some areas for improvement and adjusting as necessary
  • Created a new Home Page Slider banner for the website to improve the first impression for users
  • Created graphics for Facebook to match the new website
  • Implemented a social media campaign to engage existing audience and encourage new audiences, including social media advertising
  • Carried out search engine optimisation to achieve first page results for 5 keywords and number 1 positions for 2!

Here are a selection of the finished results and what Marie had to say about our work:

“It has been a pleasure working with the Inspiration Agency team. I wanted their help to raise the Clinic’s profile and the work they have done has been outstanding. Our social media engagement is up, website visitors are up and most importantly enquiries are up!”

So that’s it for now….maybe you recognised some of the people and businesses we featured in this blog….if you think your business needs similar help in 2021 get in touch and maybe you can be in next year’s retrospective commenting on how much your profile has been raised and how many new enquiries you have had!