St Edward’s is a joint Roman Catholic and Church of England School providing secondary education to students in Poole. 

The Brief

St Edward School’s objectives were: 

  1. To position St Edward’s as an alternative to Grammar School and increase student acquisition
  2. To position St Edward’s as an alternative to College or Grammar School Sixth Form and increase student acquisition into Year 12 
  3. To increase community engagement and strengthen relationships with local churches and businesses
  4. To generate income for the school through sponsorship and facility rental

The Solution

In order to meet St Edwards School’s objectives we:

  • Refined the School Branding to position the school as a modern and inclusive alternative to Grammar Schools, including creating Brand Guidelines to ensure a consistent brand was maintained throughout the school
  • Redesigned the school collateral inline with the new brand including stationery, social media graphics, pull up banners and press release templates.
  • Organised a photoshoot to provide a cohesive set of ‘school images’ for use in promotional materials
  • Liaised with the school on a new format for Year 7 and Sixth Form Open Evenings  including supporting them with design, social media and PR
  • Created a new, easy to use website which communicated all the essential information to existing parents, whilst selling the school to prospective parents and students
  • SEO optimised the website so that Year 7 and Sixth Form students and parents would find it in search engines, as well as businesses and groups looking to rent facilities
  • With our Strategic PR Partner we carried out a Media Engagement plan to raise the profile of St Edward’s School with local parents, churches and businesses
  • Managed regular social media content across several platforms and published a termly email newsletter for parents
  • Managed the Awards Entry process for several local and national school awards
  • Arranged events for the school to interact with local cultural groups and business people

The Results

“The team from the Inspiration Agency listened carefully to the story of our school – where we have come from, and where we are going; and brought their creativity to bear on a range of design ideas; which have resulted in a fresher, more contemporary projection of our school.  The more we worked with the Inspiration Agency, the more we realised what they offered as an agency; and the wider the range of projects that we involved them in.  Patient, good humoured and imaginative, it has been a pleasure to work with the whole team.”

Michael Antram – Headteacher

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