Why isn’t my print advertising working?

by | Jan 15, 2019 | Uncategorised | 0 comments

My main question here would be – how do you know it’s not? Do you ask every customer who inquires where they heard about you? The nice thing about digital advertising is that (assuming you have Google Analytics installed) you can get an exact number of people who came to your website because of a specific advert, print advertising is not so easy to quantify, but there are some things you can do to make the most of your print advertising.

  • Choose the right publication, don’t just advertise because it’s cheap or you are getting a deal, make sure that your target audience will actually be reading this publication
  • Get readership data – number of editions and the profile of the readers
  • Create a specific offer or code for your advert, so you can track any enquiries
  • Don’t put too much content into your advert, keep your message simple and clear
  • Make sure your advert looks professional, whether you are a hairdresser or a HR consultant, a professional approach is always important
  • Always include your logo and contact details

If your target audience is younger then print advertising may not be the place for your business, as young people are not reading in the traditional sense much anymore. Think about Facebook or Instagram advertising, or maybe investing in video for your business.