Why aren’t my Facebook adverts working?

by | Jan 15, 2019 | Uncategorised | 0 comments

Unfortunately the reason could be a number of things and without looking at what you are doing it is hard to say, but here are some possibilities:

  1. Your target audience is not using Facebook, this is particularly true if you are Business to Business. Although people who run businesses are on Facebook they are not ‘thinking’ business when they are using it – you’d be better off with LinkedIn
  2. You have not chosen the right Objective. This part of the advert creation is very important as it changes what specifications you can give your advert
  3. You are not boosting posts. Although there has been a lot of advice recently that you shouldn’t boost posts, I have always found this the most effective way to advertise on Facebook. The key thing here is that you have to get the post right in the first place
  4. Your advert/post is too long. You really have very little time to grab your audience’s attention. You need to get your message across in a maximum of two short sentences. If you have more to say then add a link and let people ‘read more’
  5. Your advert/post image doesn’t ‘speak’ to your audience. An image speaks a thousand words, so get your image right!
  6. You haven’t targeted your audience so your posts are showing to people who are not your target audience. You can target, sex, age, location and add more terms like ‘relationship status’ to get a good target