Which Devices are my audience using?

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We all now know that our websites should be ‘responsive’. If you don’t know this term it means that your website changes it’s layout to reflect the type of device being used. So it will switch to a one column layout with that little three line menu icon when people are on a smart phone. 

If you have had your website for a number of years it may not be responsive, and so users on a mobile phone will find it difficult to navigate. Obviously it’s easy to test this, just pop your website address into the browser on your phone and see how it looks, but how do you know if a large number of your website visitors are looking at your website on the mobile phone? 

The easiest way to do this is in Google Analytics. If your website doesn’t have GA yet, then click here to read our FAQ about how to get it set up. Once you’ve got it, you can follow these steps to see Device Data 

Login to Google Analytics 

Change your date range to a long period to get a good idea of trends (1 year would be a good range) 

Select Audience (left hand menu) 

Select Mobile and Overview 

You’ll see a table which looks a bit like this 

You can see that out of 38k visitors in a year 

21k were on mobile 

13k were on desktop 

3k were on a tablet 

You can also see that the Desktop and Tablet visitors Bounce less often (Bounce means they arrive at the site and leave right away) and also stay longer. 

This site is not responsive, so mobile users will have more difficulty navigating around it