What format do I need my new logo in?

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A range of formats is useful. You are probably not going to be able to open all of them, but it’s good to have them if people ask. Here is the list of formats I provide new logos in, but your designer should always be happy to send you a format or help with format questions

  • A high resolution jpg – great for professionally printed items
  • A medium size jpg – good for Word documents
  • A small jpg (200 pixels) – perfect for online and social media
  • An eps file – this is a ‘vector’ format needed for large format printing
  • An outline eps file – this ensures any print professional can use the file, even if they don’t have your fonts
  • A png file – a file with a transparent background which can be used online

You may also want to request a version of your logo which is just the icon (no words), with and without the strapline. Finally you may want more than one colour variation, for example a version you could use on dark coloured backgrounds.