What devices are my audience using?

by | Jan 22, 2021 | Uncategorised | 0 comments

The best way to find this out is by looking at your website analytics data (if you haven’t got Google Analytics plugged in yet check out our FAQ on how to do that).

So the data on what devices your audience are using to access your website is listed under Audience>Mobile>Overview. I would suggest that you change your date range to a year or more to get a good overview (Google automatically sets it to a week).

This will break your users down into three categories; desktop (this is a proper computer or laptop), tablet (iPad or any other brand) and mobile. Here is a screen capture of a website’s device data for 2020 and it shows some very strong trends we have seen developing in website use.

The first is that for most businesses (although it does depend on your audience) many, many more people are accessing websites on their mobile phones than by any other method, so if your website is not responsive then it is extremely likely that you are missing out! This website IS responsive and also designed with mobile use in mind, if it was not you would see a much higher Bounce Rate on mobile use (this is when a user comes to your site and then leaves again without moving to another page).

Secondly the use of tablets has decreased measurably in recent years. The Tablet figure for this site in 2019 was double what it was in 2020. This doesn’t really effect your website build, as if the site is responsive it will work well on a tablet, but worth bearing in mind if you are thinking of investing in a tablet!

Finally that even though many more people access this website on their mobiles the people who do access it on a desktop computer are spending at least twice as long browsing, showing they are really engaging with the content.