What are LinkedIn Articles?

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There are four kinds of content a person can create on LinkedIn:

Posts – Anyone who has used a social media platform should know what a post is by now – you can include photos or videos in your posts on LinkedIn

Documents – You can share documents such as PDFs or Powerpoint Presentations

Events – Fairly obviously, these are your promotion of an event you are running


Articles – Basically Articles are Blogs that you write directly into LinkedIn

Each article allows you to write pretty much as many words as you want (the limit is actually 14 thousand words)

You can include a Header image and more images, videos or slides within the content itself

You can also add Tags which help other LinkedIn users to find your article

The best use of LinkedIn articles is to write something that demonstrates your knowledge and experience to your target audience.

Everyone you are connected with will have the opportunity to see your Article as well as people you are not connected to who might find it via the Tags.

It is fine to publish a blog you have written on your website to LinkedIn Articles too.