Should I boost my Facebook posts?

by | Jan 15, 2019 | Uncategorised | 0 comments

There has been some advice in the media recently that you should not be boosting your posts, but rather creating adverts on Facebook.

I have always had great success with boosting posts, but probably the difference is that I create the post with the intention of boosting it, rather than suddenly deciding a post I have created looks a likely candidate for boosting.

If you intend to boost a post I would advise that you:

  • Think about what you want to achieve from your budget
  • Only have one goal per post, do not try and promote too many things at once
  • Write the post to grab the attention, be short and to the point
  • Find a really attention grabbing image
  • Remember Facebook wants your text in the post not on the image, so don’t put more than a couple of words on the image because they will refuse your advert
  • Think about using several images to form a slideshow for added impact
  • Give a clear Call to Action for the Facebook user – what do you want them to do
  • Choose your target area and length of advert carefully

If you follow these steps then Boosting Posts can be a great way to reach new audiences with Facebook. Final hint – don’t assume that because Facebook has ‘said’ you should boost this post that you should – this is just an algorithm and it isn’t always right!