How much does SEO cost?

by | Jan 12, 2024 | SEO

Search engine optimisation is a pivotal strategy in a robust digital marketing strategy. If you are thinking of investing in SEO then the burning question you’ll be asking yourself is…how much does SEO cost? We’ve written this blog as a guide to the factors that affect the cost of SEO so you can make an informed decision.

Unfortunately SEO is not a one-size fits all service, the cost will vary depending on a range of factors. Here are some of the key factors that determine the cost of SEO

Number of Keywords

The first factor that will affect the cost of SEO for your business is the number of keywords that you want to target. If your business offers lots of different products or services and people use lots of different words and phrases to look for those services then you are going to have a lot of opportunities, but if you want to pursue all those opportunities at once it is going to cost you! If you business has a more limited range of products and services then your budget could be lower. If budget is an issue you could choose to promote a limited number of your products and services or target only a selection of keywords that people use to search.

How do you know how many keywords there could be…you’ll need a Keyword Assessment Report – more on this later.

Search Volumes

So the next factor that affects the cost of SEO is how many people are searching for the keywords you have identified. The more people that are searching, the more businesses will be optimising their websites for those keywords. How do you know how many people are searching…you’ll need a Keyword Assessment Report…don’t scroll down yet, we have more factors.


As mentioned in point 2 above – if the keywords you want to optimise are popular with customers then you can bet that your competitors will be optimising them too. The harder your competition are working on their SEO the harder you’ll need to be working on yours. And If they’ve been optimising their website for a few years and you’re only just starting…you’ll have some catching up to do! How do you know how fierce the competition is? That’s right you’ll need a Keyword Assessment Report…just a bit further to go before we talk about this.

Geographical Targeting

Fairly obvious one here, the bigger the region you want to target – the more it will cost, because there will be more searches and, of course, more competition. Our Keyword Assessment Reports can be targeted down to a County level.

Your Website

OK, final factor is your website. How old is it? How easy is it to edit? How often do you update it? Do you have a blog? Does your website already have the keywords you want to target in it? All of these factors and more will affect the cost of SEO. The more ‘SEO friendly’ your website is, the easier it will be to optimise. We have been known to turn clients away for SEO if we feel their website needs rebuilding, as we will not throw a client’s money away on a marketing strategy we know will not work.

Keyword Assessment Report

Ok, so we are now at the most important document in any SEO project. The Keyword Assessment Report tells you what keywords your prospects are using to find businesses like yours, in what volume and how high the competition is.

Based on this report we can advise you on the SEO budget you will need to achieve your goals. We always give clients honest advice, if SEO is not right for their business we will tell them and If budgets are limited there are various things we can do to still make it work, including working over a longer period, reducing the number of keywords optimised or geographic region targeted or taking an ‘assisted’ approach – where you write the content and we do the techy bits.

In the world of SEO one size does not fit all. The cost is contingent on your unique business needs, goals and the competitive landscape. As an integrated marketing agency we recognise the importance of tailoring SEO strategies to suit individual businesses, ensuring a balance between cost-effectiveness and results.

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