How can I speed up my website?

by | Sep 9, 2021 | Websites, Websites Page | 0 comments

Your website speed is usually down to one of two things.

The size of the assets on your website, particularly large images and videos.

If your website contains a lot of images or videos then this can cause your website to load more slowly. There are a few ways to resolve this 

  1. Make the images smaller (hires images are not necessary for websites)
  2. Rather than hosting the videos in your website, put them on YouTube and pull them through (this means you are using YouTube’s bandwidth, plus getting extra exposure for your videos) 
  3. Install some compression software on your website to optimise images and code

Your hosting package 

Your hosting package will put a limit on the space available for your website – this is for the size of the website itself, as well as the people visiting it. If you have done everything you can to ensure your website files are optimised for speed and your website is still slow, you may need to upgrade your hosting package. 

A great tool to test the speed of your website is Pingdom

Google also offers a speed test, but we have found it unreliable. 

We ran a test on the BBC website, so you can see what a really good website gets.

If you are a small business then you are unlikely to manage these speeds  – most small business websites get a Grade D

If you would like a review of your website, including speed get in touch.