What is your process for designing and building a website?

by | Dec 30, 2023 | Websites

Lots of clients ask us about the process for designing and building websites, so we thought it might be helpful if we shared our unique system with you.

We have developed our process over nearly 20 years of website development to ensure everything proceeds smoothly and nothing is missed.

It all starts with…a conversation 💬

We actually call this our Consultation, it takes place either in real life or on a Teams or Zoom call. It usually takes about an hour and we take the time to ask questions and find out everything we need to know about your business in order to provide a quote for the website you need.

From this Consultation we’ll be able to advise on structure, functionality and Template versus Bespoke design, plus discuss a host of other aspects including hosting, copywriting, imagery, video and answer any questions you have about our service such as; Will I own the website when it is finished (yes) and how long will it take (between 2 and 12 weeks).

Timescale: We will book a Consultation within 48 hours of your enquiry

Then comes…the proposal 💍

Following the Consultation we will provide a proposal which clearly outlines the size of your website, what is included, what is extra and any ongoing costs. We can meet again to discuss this proposal and go through any questions you may have. If you decide to work with us on your new website then then we move into…

Timescale: We will get your proposal to you within 48 hours of your Consultation

Design 💡

We offer two types of website; Template or Bespoke Design. If you chose a Template website this is the stage where we peruse our Template Library and present to you those which we feel will best meet your needs so you can make your choice.

If you chose a Bespoke Design this is the stage during which we design the Home Page layout and present it to you as a jpg for review. We will adjust the design until you are happy with it and design any other agreed pages such as Service or Case Study pages.

We will then either write, edit or collate text and image content so we have all the elements ready to start the build.

Timescale: We usually allow two weeks for this stage, although it may take longer if you are very busy.

Build 🛠

We will now build a demo of your new website from the Design or Template agreed and the content created or provided. The demo will be a fully functioning version of the site on a private URL. We will run through the demo with you and then make any revisions required until we have a final website which you are happy with.

Timescale: We usually allow two weeks for the build and two weeks for revisions, although this depends on the size of the website

Snagging 🔍

Once you are happy with the website we carry out final snagging. This includes checking all the links work, adding Cookies and Privacy notices, installing Google Analytics and a full responsiveness check. If you have chosen an ecommerce site we will run test orders to ensure the payments work and all the emails are delivered as expected. On all sites we will test the forms and any other functionality.

Timescale: Snagging usually takes no longer than 24 hours.

Going Live

Now the site is ready to go live. We will deal with all matters relating to putting the site live, including any domain management required. If you do not wish to host your website with us we will provide the full site to you ready to be put live at the host of your choice.

Timescale: It can take up to 48 hours for the new website to be visible around the world.

What’s next…

Once the site has gone live we will be available for any questions or issues. We will also host your WordPress CMS training session so that you and your team know how to update your website. If you choose our hosting we will monitor your site to ensure it is secure and notify you if any updates are required.

For one year after your site goes live we will send you a monthly website statistics report and we can also offer additional marketing services such as search engine optimisation, pay-per-click marketing or social media to increase website visitors and conversions.

As long as you website is hosted with us our team will always be available to support you with your website.

Timescale: For as long as you need us

I hope that this blog helps explain our process for designing and building a website. We are constantly reviewing and refining the process to ensure that it always covers everything our clients need.

If you are interested in a new website and would like to be sure that everything is covered why not get started by booking a Consultation.