Everything you want to know about LinkedIn Verification

by | May 22, 2024 | Social Media

If you are a regular user of LinkedIn you may have noticed that you can now ‘get verified’ and once you have, you get a little tick in a shield next to your name on your profile.


I’ve done this, as you can see below, so I thought I’d write a little blog about it…

So first of all…what is LinkedIn Verification?

The verification badge indicates that I was able to verify certain information about myself for my LinkedIn profile, so basically it proves I am who I say I am. I would note that the first level of verification only verifies WHO I am. There are other levels where you can verify education and employment, but it is important when deciding whether to connect with, follow or even work with other LinkedIn members that you do your own due diligence.

How do you get verified?

Linkedin’s verification is done through their verification partner; Persona, using your NFC-enabled passport and your mobile phone.

How do you know if your passport if NFC-enabled?

Pretty simple it has this icon on the cover…plus all British passports have had this since 2006, so if your passport is in date, yours will have it.

Some things to bear in mind…

You’ll need to be using the mobile app version of LinkedIn to verify as you’ll need to scan the NFC chip. Just a quick pointer the first time I tried to do this the instruction in Persona was to scan the picture page of your passport, but I actually found it worked better to scan the front cover.

In order for the verification to work your LinkedIn name needs to match the name on your passport, so if you have recently changed your name  or you don’t use your given name on Linkedin this may not work for you. And no…you can’t verify and then change your name on Linkedin – that will remove the verification.

Verification is optional – you don’t need to do this to use LinkedIn and it doesn’t open any additional functionality (yet…)

Persona will collect your personal data as part of the process, it does not share your biometric data, photo, passport number or expiry details with LinkedIn.

You can remove the verification if you want to.

Why would you want to do it?

Currently the main reason to verify on LinkedIn is to prove authenticity. LinkedIn has added this in order to foster a trusted community and to help users make more informed decisions around connecting with other professionals.

You may find that your connection requests are more regularly accepted if you are verified.

However LinkedIn does confirm that ‘verifications on your profile may change as the feature evolves.’ which we certainly take to mean that in the future being verified may open more functionality to you.

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