Will social media management increase my Following and Engagement?

by | Nov 10, 2023 | Social Media

OK, so the basic answer is yes…of course if you do all of the things we are about to talk about you could increase your Following and Engagement too, but by utilising social media management services you will get great results and you can focus on what you do best.

There are not many people these days who are not on some form of social media…whatever your favourite platform; Instagram, TikTok, Facebook…LinkedIn anyone…there is no denying that social media is a great place to reach people. So it is no surprise that social media marketing is considered a brilliant marketing tool for pretty much any business whether they are targeting consumers or businesses…customers aged 18 to 80…men, women and everyone in between.

The problem for many businesses is making the leap between personal social media use and strategic, social media, which will increase your Following, drive engagement and of course ultimately result in sales!

What is Social Media Management?

Social Media Management involves the strategic planning of social media activities by marketing experts. It includes writing content, designing graphics, or producing video, posting and monitoring as standard and can also include sharing and engaging with Followers and Connections. The goals of social media management can be varied, by a key goal is always to increase Following and drive Engagement and if you are outsourcing your social media management then you are going to want this to happen. Our clients ALWAYS report a significant increase in Following and Engagement (not to mention enquiries and sales) and this is how we do it…

Increasing Following


We post consistently to your social media profiles. Whether it is twice a week or twice a day your audience will be engaged by regular and relevant content. Social media platforms will share your Pages and Profiles more widely if you post regularly.


Planning your content in advance, with your goals, target audience and vision always at the forefront ensures that your posts, stories and reels will resonate with your audience, meaning they are more likely to Follow and Engage.


People use hashtags to search for relevant content on social media. The correct use of hashtags can mean that new audiences will find your posts and profiles and Follow you. Hashtags need careful research to ensure that they are optimised to increase your visibility…randomly making up hashtags each time you post is not a great way to increase Following.

Paid Advertising

Although it is not for everyone and certainly not absolutely necessary paid social media adverts can have a significant impact on Reach and Following.  Relatively low level advertising, in terms of cost, can reach whole new, targeted audiences for your business.

Increasing Engagement

Review and Adjust

All of our social media management clients receive a monthly report on activities across all their platforms. Reviewing these reports allows us to see what is working and what is not, so that we can continually adjust our strategy to get the best results and ensure people want to engage with the content.


Rather than posting as and when we have the time, we schedule posts to be delivered at the optimum time for our client’s audience. Our social media tools allow us to assess optimum times based on user behaviour. This ensures that your audience are more likely to see your content AND engage with it.


Effective social media for business is not just about putting your content out there, businesses must be ready to engage with their audience. Responding to comments, messages and engaging with other people’s content can have a huge impact on Following. Some clients employ us to do this for them and others do it themselves with some tips and guidance from us.


Sharing content into relevant Groups on many social media platforms will produce a significant increase in engagement. We research appropriate Groups for our client’s social media management and clients can either undertake this themselves or we can include it in our social media management service.

Of course social media for business is not just about Likes or Comments, you want customers to buy, but increasing Following and Engagement is the beginning of that journey and by employing a strategic approach, posting consistently and engaging with your Followers you will soon see the results you want.

Our social media management service starts from just £150 + VAT per month…how do you find out more…just book a chat with Louise and she’ll tell you all about it.