a creative agency, but not as you know it

The Inspiration Agency is a new breed of creative agency – a true virtual agency! The whole team work remotely from their homes, a coffee shop or really anywhere they can plug their laptops in and get an internet connection! And here is why…

We get the best TALENT – The remote nature of the Inspiration Agency workforce means that we can access the best talent in all areas; strategy, branding, creative, digital, social and content – we are not limited by geography, family commitments, disability or dog ownership!

We are PASSIONATE – We have chosen people with the right ethic! The whole team at the Inspiration Agency are passionate about listening and sharing their experience. We all do what we love everyday, so it doesn’t feel like work!

We are FLEXIBLE – Our remote workforce means we can be flexible in the solutions we provide, bringing the right people to each project and not adversely effected by wider world issues. Utilising the latest technology means we are still as responsive and connected as if we were all in the same room.

We are COST EFFECTIVE  – The lack of fancy offices with glass partitions and bean bags mean we are more cost effective that traditional creative agencies. As our team aren’t wasting time with water cooler chat and commuting we are also more productive, meaning the client gets more bang for their buck!

We are ACCESSIBLE – Our ‘virtual’ agency is more accessible to a diverse range of staff, not having to be in an office from 9am – 5pm means that we can welcome many more people into our team, expanding our experiences and inspiration. Our motto is work how, when and where you like – as long as you get the job done!

We are GREEN – Because our team don’t drive to and from work every day, buy takeout coffees or prewrapped sandwiches we are much greener than a traditional agency. We also take steps to ensure our business and processes are as green as possible.


Louise Seager is the Big ‘Little’ Boss of the Inspiration Agency. She has over 20 years experience in graphic design and marketing. Louise started her career working on branding and print, but over the years has developed skills in digital design and marketing. Louise is passionate about listening to clients and sharing her experience and advice to help them achieve greater success! Louise wants everyone who works at the Inspiration Agency to have a flexible job, which inspires and excites them everyday!

Cat Hollick is a Marketing Executive. Cat has over 10 years experience working in marketing and event management throughout the South. Cat is a social media whizz and creates fantastic content for our clients, including amazingly effective social media advertising campaigns. Cat is passionate about understanding our client’s businesses and utilising digital marketing to get brilliant results for our clients.

Clare is a Marketing Executive. Clare is passionate about words and uses her brilliant copywriting skills to great effective on our client’s straplines, website content, social media campaigns and email marketing. Clare also has a lot of experience in writing copy and meta data for our client’s SEO campaigns to ensure that get the best results in search engines and a great return on investment!

Kelly is our Organisational Superhero (official job title!). Kelly keeps us all in-line and on track, she loves a statistic, is a whizz with a spreadsheet and puts together all our client’s marketing reports. So if you want to know how many website visitors you get, how many people viewed your social media post or how many clicks your email campaign received Kelly is your girl! She also sends the invoices!

Scarlett is our Marketing Intern. She is currently working with us part time whilst studying. Scarlett has a very creative mind and is always coming up with new, inspirational ideas. Scarlett is a genius with Instagram and Tik Tok and knows how to utilise digital marketing to get the best results.

Buddy is our Mascot. He is very cute and lets us know when there is a delivery (mostly Amazon and Shein). If we meet you and you like dogs we might bring him and he will try and lick you! He likes to sit on our laps whilst we work if he can!

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