What types of social media platforms do social media management services typically work with?

by | Dec 7, 2023 | Social Media

If you are thinking about social media management for your business, you may be wondering which platforms social media agencies work with. We can’t speak for everyone, but here are the platforms we support our clients with to get more Reach, Engagement and ultimately enquiries from the customers they want.


Facebook is a great platform for reaching a wide consumer audience. It is worth bearing in mind that the audience tends to be older, so it is not the perfect platform for every business. We craft engaging text, image and video content to appeal to Facebook audiences and also include links and hashtags where appropriate. We can also help our clients to refine their profile information and create on-brand graphics for their profile picture and header image.


Instagram tends to have a slightly younger audience than Facebook, but it also offers a cross over between consumer and business audiences. Instagram is more visually driven than Facebook and aesthetic is key on this platform. We have the ability to design really fantastic on-brand graphics which suit this platform perfectly.  Instagram places more guidelines on content than Facebook, so it can be trickier to create. It is worth bearing in mind that links in Instagram posts are not clickable, so mirrored content can be impractical.  Images in Instagram posts MUST be square so again if you will be mirroring content across multiple platforms then images across ALL platforms will be square. Instagram also won’t let you upload gifs and videos have to be longer than 3 seconds, so lots to consider with this platform when it comes to content creation.


LinkedIn is a B2B platform, ideal for organisations whose customers are businesses, but consumer products and services can be marketed there too, if it is done carefully, plus of course it is a great place for building strategic relationships. With LinkedIn we are back to a platform with less rules…images can be landscape or portrait, posts can include links and you can post gifs if you like. The key thing to remember with LinkedIn is that it is a business environment, so content has to remain professional. We have years of experience of striking just the right balance between professional and engaging content on LinkedIn.

Twitter (X)

X (previously known as Twitter) is another platform that crosses a lot of audience demographics…business and consumer, young to older audiences, interestingly there are more men than women actively using Twitter. The main thing to bear in mind with Twitter content is the character count limit – 280 characters. However, things are changing fast with X at the moment…if you pay for your profile you can up the word count…although some say this new option is messing with the brevity that Twitter has always enjoyed. We are keeping a close eye on this one, so that we always know what is happening for our clients,


New kid on the block TikTok is still growing and changing rapidly. It started off with a very young audience, but since 2020 more and more people are enjoying the short-form, fun content that TikTok is renowned for. Like Instagram TikTok wants a very specific form of content. We can help clients to product the right kind of short-form video content required to reach audiences on TikTok, but it is more difficult to mirror content on this platform with other networks.


Yes, YouTube can be considered social media too. Again, we have the skills to support clients with video strategy, filming, production and editing as well as setting up YouTube profiles and adding video content with all the appropriate meta data. If you want to leverage YouTube for your business social media check the in-house skills of your chosen agency to ensure they are able to support you with every aspect of content for platforms like TikTok and YouTube

Google My Business

Another surprising one, but many people don’t know that you can post updates to your Google My Business profile. This can help with your search engine optimisation, as well as letting people Googling your business find out the latest about what is going on with your organisation. Google don’t limit the types of content posted, so if you are posting to Facebook or LinkedIn you could probably mirror your content to Google too.


Last, but by no means least for product or lifestyle-based businesses is Pinterest. This is a slightly different network, which currently does not allow publishing via a scheduling tool, so any posting does have to be done manually. The key with Pinterest is the visuals, they must be eye-catching and the meta data has to be correct in order for your posts to be found. Again, two skills of social media marketing that we excel at.

We hope this gives you an idea of the types of platforms that social media management can help with and some of the skills that are required to offer support with the full range of networks.

If you are thinking of outsourcing your social media and you’d like to discuss which platforms would be best for your business or find out how we can help you with the platforms you use then just book a chat.