What is included in social media management?

by | Jun 27, 2023 | Social Media

If you are thinking about outsourcing your social media management then you are probably wondering what is included in social media management and how much are you still going to have to do.

We can’t speak for all social media providers, but we can tell you what’s included in our social media management service.

What’s included in our standard packages


In order to create social media content that will engage your ideal audience and encourage them to enquire we start with a one-hour onboarding session (usually on Zoom) during which we get to know your business. This enables us to create a strategy for your social media which outlines how often we will post, to which networks, what kind of content we will post, what tone of voice we will use and brand guidelines for your visual content.


If you would like to include hashtags in your posts (and we suggest you do) we will carry out research based on the Strategy and recommend the most appropriate hashtags for your business.

Writing content

We will write the content for your posts, utilising the agreed tone of voice. We may ask for your input, for example with Client Stories or Expert Advice, but this can be provided very roughly and we will ensure it appeals to you’re target audience and promotes your products or services.

Mirrored content

We include posting exactly the same content (text and image) to all platforms. We can create bespoke content for different platforms, but this costs more…see below ‘what’s extra’.

Scheduled content

We schedule posts in advance using a scheduling tool. We can live post, but this costs more…see below what’s extra’.

Volume of posts

We will agree how many posts per week your social media management will include. These may be posted on the same days each week, or the day and time may vary. This depends on your target audience.


We can currently schedule posts to; Facebook Pages or Groups (that you are the admin of), LinkedIn Pages and Profiles, Instagram, Twitter and Google My Business. We will agree the platforms in your social media management service before we start. You can add or remove platforms and the cost of your service will be adjusted.

Creating images

We will create images in-line with your brand which will appeal to your target audience. All images will be the same proportions to fit your platform choices. For example, if one of your platforms in Instagram all images will be square to fit their guidelines.


We can create slideshows or before and after sliders from your images provided. These can be branded and timed to suit the content.

Video editing

We offer light editing of video in our standard plan, this includes adding your logo and royalty free music or making the video muted. Additional video editing or full video production can be added as an extra.

Statistics report

So that we know what is working and what is not, and we can adjust your strategy and content to get the best results we will create and send a monthly statistics report.


What’s extra


Blog writing

If you write a blog and provide the link to us, we can include a post about your blog at no extra charge. However, many of our clients ask us to support them with writing regular blogs to educate and engage their audience.

Video production

As mentioned above we can provide much more advanced editing including start and end screens, subtitles and even full video filming services if required.


Because surveys have to be created live in platform they are not included in our standard service, but we can offer them, including brainstorming question and answer ideas to increase engagement.

Individual platform content

As we mentioned above, we include as standard mirrored content, but if you would like platform specific content such as reducing word count for Twitter posts or editing the call to action to ‘Link in Bio’ for Instagram we can offer this.

Follower engagement

Generally, our clients are happy to engage with their followers and have time to do this once the creation of content has been taken out of their hands, but we can offer a follower engagement service if required.

Sharing content to groups

Although we can schedule content to a Group you are an admin of, sharing content to Groups you are a member of is an additional service. It can be a great way of increasing your followers though.

Live posting

As we mentioned above our standard package includes scheduling content in advance, we do offer a live posting option though and this can be added on a post-by-post basis.

Social media advertising

Creating and running advertising campaigns on social media is an additional service. It requires a very different strategy and implementation to the creation of social media organic content.

Stories & Reels

The creation of stories and reels is an additional service, which we can quote for if required.

Instagram grid design

Although our branded images look great and will create a very nice-looking Grid, if you want alternating image styles for the optimum grid look this is an additional charge.

Social media platform review

We recommend that all clients have a full review of their social media platforms before we start social media management. This is to ensure that all content and graphics are optimised and you get the best results for your investment. This service is a one-off, which is quoted per platform.

I hope that this gives you some idea of what is included in a social media management service. Of course, this is just what we include, and all social media providers will be different. If you are getting quotes for social media management, please be sure to check what is included and if there is anything that is particularly important to you, such as a beautiful Instagram Grid or sharing content to Groups ensure that you know the cost for it.

As always if you have any questions about social media management don’t hesitate to ask us!