What can I do to get a better email marketing response

by | Jan 15, 2019 | Uncategorised | 0 comments

Email marketing can work wonders for your business if you do it right, there are many pitfalls, here are some tips of things you can try to get a better response

  • Manage your list – ensure you are asking any new subscribers before you add them, be clear on sign up forms about what they are signing up for
  • Don’t buy lists – build a list of genuinely interested subscribers to get the best response
  • Check the ‘from’ field – you should set your from field to be your name, as well as your company name eg. Louise – Inspiration Agency. It should also be from a proper named email address not info@ etc
  • Think carefully about the title – make it engaging, so people want to open the email
  • Keep it short and sweet – put teasers to your content in the email and then ask people to click to read more, this makes your email easy to read and also gives you data about click throughs so you can see what interests people
  • Check your reports – see what people are interested in, so you can decide on future content