Top 5 Tips for your Video Strategy

Top 5 Tips for your Video Strategy

Top 5 Tips for your Video Strategy

In the last 10 years video marketing has become part of everyone’s lives. We are now used to seeing videos on screens when we are out and about, at exhibitions, in social media and on websites. 

Video can be a great marketing tool for almost any business if used correctly, but unfortunately it can also be a huge waste of time and money if you don’t get it right. 

So here are our Top 5 Tips when it comes to Video for your Business 

Make a Plan 

Don’t just charge headlong into creating video or engaging a professional to film some videos for you. Really think about how video will fit into your marketing strategy. What sort of videos will you need? Where are you going to use them? Once you have an idea of what will work, or have consulted with a professional to come up with a clear strategy then you can get going. 

Commit to Regular Content 

Video, like many other marketing strategies, can be something that seems like a great idea and you are really enthusiastic about it to start with, but as time goes on life and running your business gets in the way and before you know it you haven’t created any video content for months and it ends up going the same way as your blog and your Pinterest account! So once you have your plan, including timescales, put it in your diary so that you commit to it! If you are using a professional then liaise to commit to deadlines and make sure they are in both of your diaries. 

Consider the Quality 

Most of us now have a SmartPhone which is capable of taking video, however when creating video for your business you really need to consider how the quality of the finished film. This is about camera quality, but also about sound quality (do you need a mic?), lighting (do you need lights?), stability (do you need a tripod?) and finally editing (do you need professional editing software?). If you are using a professional then you can ask to see examples of their work to judge the quality of their equipment and editing. 

Think about your Brand 

As always we are passionate about maintaining a consistent brand at all times. This includes your video content. Ensure that any footage reflects the tone of your brand, any spoken word should also feel like it comes from your brand positioning and of course your logo should be used consistently. If you are using a professional videographer ensure you have supplied them with your brand guidelines (or at least logo, fonts, colours and some examples of how you implement your brand). 

Where will you use video 

One of the great things about video is that it can be used in so many places. Lots of people make a video, pop it on Facebook and then that’s it. If you are going to the time and effort to make videos for your business or the expense of having someone else do it, then make sure you get the most out of it. You could: 

  • Post on all your social media channels – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok (the list goes on) 
  • Create and post to your YouTube channel 
  • Add it to your website 
  • Display it on a screen in your premises
  • Display it at exhibitions 
  • Ask your strategic connections to share it to their audience

Video can be a fantastic marketing tool, if you need any help or advice leveraging it for your business get in touch.

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