Things to tick off your list

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Well this is a strange time isn’t it. I’m sure we’ve all been feeling worried, stressed and perhaps lonely too, but one good thing about the corona virus situation is that we have been given the gift of time! You know all those things that are on your ‘list’, but you never have time to actually get round to. I’ve got sort out the loft, paint the garage door and wallpaper the hall on mine, but I thought it might be useful to give you some ideas for marketing jobs you could add to your list.

Write a Marketing Plan

I’m sure we all know that we should have a marketing plan, but most of us just muddle through doing the best we can with whatever budget we have spare. However having a plan written down, even if it is only basic, will really help you get the best results for your spend.

Here are my Six Steps for writing your own simple Marketing Plan

Create a Google Local Listing

If your business has a local target audience then you should really get yourself a Google Local Listing. They come up at the top of search results when people use a location and best of all they are free!

Here is my guide to setting yours up

Connect Up Google Analytics to your Website

Another great free tool from Google is their Analytics. If you have a website then you really should have some form of analytics so you know how it’s performing. Once you’ve got it set up pop a monthly reminder in your diary to check how you are doing.

Here is my instructions for setting up Google Analytics on your website

Start a Blog

One of the main reasons I find that clients decide not to have a blog on their website is that they won’t have time to write them. Well now is the time! Why not write six month’s worth to get ahead of the game! A blog is a fantastic way to show your clients what an expert you are

Here are my top tips for getting started on your blog

Assess your current website

The thought that your website may need a revamp might come into your head now that you have time to stop and think. It might not be the case that you need a whole new website, but perhaps a little adjustment could be in order.

Here are my top 4 things to check on your website

Rewrite (or write) your website content

Have you been meaning to write your website content for ages, but never seem to find the time? Perhaps looking through your website during this quiet period has made you realise that areas might need rewriting

Here is my advice on how to write your website content

I hope these bits of advice will help you find some proactive things you can do during this strange and unsettling time….if not, then find a patch of sun and sit in it with a drink and a book!