Should I be on all Social Media channels

by | Jan 14, 2019 | Uncategorised | 0 comments

Short answer is….no! Especially if you are managing them yourself because you actually want some time available to run your business.

The key to knowing which social media channels to be on is to know your target audience and know what each channel’s audience or purpose is and then match those up.

Here are some quick tips on the social media channels to help:

Facebook – great for reaching consumers (not so much Business to Business – B2B), active users tend to be between 25 and 60

Twitter – much more popular in London and the Midlands, than other areas of the UK, good consumer portal, but some B2B use too

Instagram – very image focused, so good if your business is visual, users tend to be younger between 14 and 25

Pinterest – again image focused, so good for visual business, not much buying going on directly from Pinterest, more women than men

LinkedIn – great for business to business, users are a range of ages and male and female – bear in mind that there are Profiles and Pages and which you should choose depends on your business and audience.

YouTube – yes it is a social network, only works if you have video content, users tend to be between 14 and 50

Google+ – this is dead, forget about it and remove it from any communications

TikTok – very young audience, can generate product sales for ecommerce businesses very effectively, needs short, engaging video content