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To achieve success in any endeavour a plan of action is the most important first step and this is especially true in business!
Our Marketing Agency Bournemouth can help with developing and refining a strategy for all elements of your business marketing.

We start with your overall marketing strategy, this includes a meeting in person or over zoom to really get to know your organisation. On the basis of this meeting we carry out a variety of research including into your competitors, your current marketing methods, your target audience and (if relevant) your search engine optimisation opportunities. All of this results in a marketing report which breaks down your Offering, Target Audience, USPs, Competitor Analysis, SEO Opportunities and finally determines your marketing strategy breaking down each marketing method available to you and giving recommendations to get going and achieve your overall aim. The results of the marketing strategy allow us to build individual strategies for your business.

Your brand strategy develops the thinking around your corporate identity, this includes your logo design, but also any associated fonts and colours. We can assess your existing brand and make recommendations and adjustments to better fit your target audience and offering or we can create a completely new brand identity for your business.

“The Inspiration Agency are curious and incisive – helping you determine exactly what you need, the look & feel requirements of your brand, and the right choices for your customer base. What I value most is the trusted conversations with the team – that aren’t pushy – and they understand well the pressures on a SME”
Jo Hompstead – ConnectUp

As well as the brand aspect of your business we can also create a strategy for all your content, which includes written content, images and video. We can give recommendations on tone of voice, content architecture, as well as what sort of content you should be producing; videos, blogs, white papers and so much more. Once your strategy is created we can implement your content strategy drawing on the skills of our team, who have expertise in copywriting, photography and videography, or you can use the strategy to create your own content.

Every business needs a website, right? Well not necessarily and when it comes to other digital marketing such as Search Engine Optimisation, Pay-per-Click or Email Marketing it is certainly not a given that all businesses need these marketing methods. Our digital strategy covers all the bases ensuring that your business is utilising the digital marketing methods that will reach your target audience and give you the best return on investment. Once again, when you’ve got the strategy you can take it and implement it yourself or our team of experts can help you with everything from web design and development to SEO, PPC and setting up and managing a regular email marketing campaign.

“The Inspiration Agency are brilliant to work with, so knowledgeable with a wealth of experience, they have a brilliant knack of asking questions to really make you think about what is important to your business, things that you often don’t think of.”
Debbie Greenwood – Liaise Ltd

An essential part of most business marketing these days is social media, but contrary to popular advice you don’t have to be everywhere. You need to invest your budget in the social marketing that will give you the best Return on Investment. It might be that your organisation does not serve a business audience, so maybe you don’t need LinkedIn or perhaps your target audience is not hanging out on Instagram. We will create a digital strategy that recommends the best social channels for your marketing and then we can implement the strategy using our experts – we have someone for every social network, including experts in YouTube and video marketing!

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