I get good Google ranking, but people aren’t inquiring

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There are two possible issues here.

First keywords – are the keywords you have good rankings for actually keywords that people search for. I had a client who was a Painter and Decorator, he was no1 for the term ‘Decorator Poole’, but inquiries for his decorating services had not increased. When I checked it turned out that people were not searching for that term and we needed to optimise Painting and Decorating Bournemouth, which had much higher search volume. If you want me to check how many people search for the terms you use just let me know – no charge…

The second issue could be that your website just isn’t converting people. Some things to check are:

  • What page are people landing on from Google – your home page might look great, but Google may bring people in on one of your service pages, all your pages should look great
  • Has your ‘landing page’ got all the information people need to make a decision. You can include all the information on the page, or include links to other pages such as examples of your work or pricing, but make it easy for people to find what they need
  • Has your ‘landing page’ got contact details, or do the users need to search for them – again make it easy
  • Is your website mobile friendly – if someone has accessed it on their mobile device they may leave straight away if your site isn’t easy to use. Not being mobile friendly is also going to negatively effect your search engine ranking
  • How quickly does your website load, if it’s too slow people will lose patience and leave
  • In general you have 3 clicks from people entering your website to deciding to inquire, so count those clicks!