How to make your Facebook adverts work

How to make your Facebook adverts work

How to make your Facebook adverts work

If you are on Facebook (or maybe even if you aren’t) you’ll know that Facebook offers advertising! These are the ‘Sponsored Posts’ that appear in your news feed distracting you from pictures of your neighbours dog or what your cousin is having for dinner.

Many businesses have realised that Facebook Adverts cost significantly less than other forms of advertising and think they will be a great way to attract new customers. Sadly I often hear that ‘Facebook ads just didn’t work for us’ and even that ‘they were a colossal waste of money’. So how can you make Facebook adverts work for your business? Here are some basics of Facebook (or Instagram) advertising that may help

Facebook and Instagram are the same company

You might be aware that Facebook actually owns Instagram (as well as plenty of other online businesses) so throughout this blog I’m going to talk about Facebook Adverts, but pretty much everything I say also applies to Instagram. The two platforms have slightly different audiences and ways of presenting posts to customers, so you may be better off with one rather than the other depending on your target audience.

Facebook Advertising is NOT like SEO or PPC

SEO (search engine optimisation) or PPC (pay per click adverts) usually referring to Google (85% market share of search engine world) target people who are ACTIVELY SEARCHING for what your business offers. Facebook advertising is NOT like this. Your adverts will display to an audience you have targeted however, in a similar way to traditional print advertising, your adverts will be distracting them from their main goal – dogs, dinners, etc

To boost or not to boost?

If you have a Facebook Business page you will get notifications and prompts from Facebook to ‘Boost Posts’. Now I’m not saying that this never works, but just remember that Facebook is not a real person so it doesn’t really ‘read’ your post. It will probably encourage you to boost a post that was popular anyway – this could be of you and your team having lunch or a cute dog visiting the shop….these are NOT going to be effective adverts for your business. If you boost a post you should have thought through that post as an ADVERT, don’t just boost any old post because Facebook suggests it.

Pick your Goal carefully

There are several different Goals available for Facebook posts and not all of them are about getting Leads. Make sure you choose the goal that is right for your campaign. Different Goals allow you to create different types of adverts. Instead of trying to get people to buy directly from a Facebook Advert you could use an advert to reach new people and get them to Like your page, so you can sell your products or services to them in the future.


A massively underused part of the Facebook advertising platform for most small businesses is the Pixel. This is a piece of code you place on your website which tracks the interactions of visitors on your website and Facebook and allows Facebook to deliver your adverts more accurately. You know when you are on a shoe website looking at a great pair of boots, later that day you pop on Facebook to check out what your mates are up to and up pops an advert from the shoe company showing you the very pair of boots you were thinking about buying – THAT is because of a Facebook pixel.

Finally, the main reason that Facebook adverts don’t convert….

Ok, so here it is the main reason why your Facebook advert didn’t bring you loads of enquiries….it isn’t because your image was wrong, your text was wrong, you chose the wrong goal, or the target audience wasn’t right, it isn’t even because you didn’t know what to do with a pixel….it is because you sent the prospect to a destination (web page for example) that did not convert them. Your web page does not have the information that your prospects  need to make a decision on whether or not to buy from you, so they didn’t.

So my best piece of advice on how to get your Facebook adverts to work is make sure that wherever you send your prospects – to your Facebook page or to your website – that destination will SELL them what you want them to buy! As always it is about telling them about your product and services, but more importantly show them how it will BENEFIT them, show them you are the experts and show them how happy all your other clients are with your business!

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