How Much Participation is Required When Engaging a Social Media Management Service?

by | Mar 25, 2024 | Social Media

Most businesses these days recognise the critical role that maintaining a robust social media presence plays in their digital marketing strategy, but with so much to focus on in the day-to-day running of a business, more and more companies are choosing to outsource their social media management to an agency. If this is you, one of the key questions you may be asking yourself is what level of involvement is expected? Let’s explore this question in a bit more detail and outline what our clients can expect.

Understanding the Role of Social Media Management Services

Before discussing the required involvement, it’s essential to grasp the scope of social media management services. These services cover various tasks, including strategy, content creation, scheduling posts, tracking analytics, and sometimes executing paid advertising campaigns. Essentially, we handle the operations of social media profiles to ensure they remain active, engaging, and reflect the brand’s identity and objectives.

Client Engagement Level

The degree of client involvement largely depends on individual preferences and objectives. Some clients prefer to be very involved, and others prefer a more hands-off approach. In our experience some involvement from the client is best to ensure an engaging social media presence. Here’s a breakdown of what clients can expect with us:

Initial Consultation: Our first step when a client enquires about social media management is what we call our ‘Discovery Call’. Sometimes this is a Teams or Zoom call and sometimes it is in real life. It takes about an hour. The goal of this session is to understand the client’s business, target audience and marketing goals. Client input during this phase is pivotal as it forms the groundwork for the strategy. We also answer any questions the client has and outline our initial thoughts about strategy.

Onboarding: If a client chooses the Inspiration Agency as their social media management agency a more in-depth session, which we call ‘Onboarding’ is the next step. This also takes an hour and again can be online or in person. We delve into the business in more detail, getting to grips with products and services, team members, vision and values, the customer journey and the brand. This allows us to develop the Content Strategy.

Content Collaboration: While we excel in content creation, collaborating with our clients provides valuable insights and makes the content feel more ‘real’. You may be asked to contribute photos, videos, or specific information about your products or services to personalise the content. This can be done on an ad-hoc basic by email or in a Whatsapp Group – whatever is easiest for you.

Approvals and Feedback: We will NEVER post any content (written, visual or otherwise) that has not been signed off, so you will be required to approve content before it goes live. We try to create a month’s worth of content in advance so you can approve in one go and it shouldn’t take more than half an hour to look through everything. We keep a note of your preferences as we get to know you, meaning that you won’t have to tell us the same things again and again.

Statistics and Review Meetings: We send statistics reports monthly. We’ll flag anything you need to be aware of. We also schedule strategy review meetings to discuss performance metrics, upcoming campaigns, and any necessary adjustments to optimise the social media strategy. Frequency of meetings depends on the package chosen, they could be weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual. Weekly meetings are usually only 20 minutes or so, the annual meeting could be a couple of hours.

The Benefits of Collaboration

While we can handle the operational aspects of social media for business, a great collaboration between ourselves and our clients gives the best results. The firsthand knowledge you possess about your business, products, services and clients combined with our digital marketing expertise, creates a relationship that drives success.

So unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your perspective), engaging a social media management service does not mean relinquishing control entirely. The level of involvement can vary based on your preferences, but by actively collaborating with us, you can ensure that your social media presence effectively represents your brand and achieves your marketing objectives.

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