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Your brand is not just your logo, it is everything your audience sees or reads about your brand. It includes the words you use, the photos you post, the videos you make and it is essential that your content is all communicating effectively with your target audience. If you’re looking for Digital Marketing Companies Bournemouth to help with your content strategy then read on…

A content strategy has two parts, the overarching brand content strategy – which includes your tone of voice, brand colours, brand fonts etc and also what kind of content you are going to create. It’s important that your Content Strategy has been thought out so you know what needs to be created and when, and also so that you don’t get distracted creating content that is not going to achieve your goals.

Our copywriting service includes writing for all kinds of different communication tools. We can write copy for printed materials like adverts, leaflets and brochures or for digital communications like emails and websites. The most important thing we bring to copywriting is consistency, but also always keeping the customer and aim in mind. Our most important job is to get you that enquiry!

“The Inspiration Agency brilliantly captured our values and the ethos of the firm and I cannot recommend them highly enough…very reasonable pricing as well!”
Sarah Buckingham – SB Protect

Writing a regular blog can be an excellent marketing tool especially if what you are selling is your expertise in a specific subject. The problem is that once you have a blog you have to commit to writing regularly and if you don’t then rather than making you look like an expert it looks like you can’t be bothered! Our blog writing service takes your expertise and converts it into a regular post which promotes your business. We can write blogs which will help your SEO ranking position and include stock imagery and uploading to your website.

Photography for your business is part of content strategy which is often overlooked, so that your visual communications end up a mish-mash of stock, shots taken on your phone and some professional photos from years ago! Where possible we recommend having your own photos taken professionally, however we do realise that budget and time may not always permit this. If you do have to take shots on your phone we can help you develop your skills so that these are as good as they can possibly be. Where stock photos are a must we can help source shots that fit with your brand look and feel and that are Royalty Free, so you won’t get in trouble using other people’s imagery!

“We recently worked with the team at the Inspiration Agency on our first digital marketing campaign and found their advice invaluable. I would highly recommend the Inspiration Agency, they are a delight to work with and genuinely care.”
Lorraine Hewitt – Life Education Wessex

Scary for some, video is a huge area of growth in marketing. For certain target audiences video is a MUST and it is becoming more and more popular as the YouTube generation grows up! We can help you develop your own confidence and skills (even with your smart phone) so that you are producing professional video for your business. Or we can create a complete video strategy for you, including shooting, editing and utilising video to get the best return on investment for your business.

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