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Almost everyone is on social media these days, so as part of a marketing strategy it works for every business,
but it only works if you do it right and if you don’t then it can take up a lot of time, for very little return. This is where our Digital Agency Bournemouth can help

Creating a strategy for your social media marketing is the key to success. By strategy we don’t just mean creating a regular plan of content (that comes later) we mean looking at your target audience’s social media interactions. Which social media channels are they engaging with, what kind of content do they like, what are your competitors doing on social media. All this research comes together and we can form a plan of action which will give you the best structure for your social media marketing, including which channels you need to be on, what sort of content you need to post, how often and at what times of the day and week you should post.

Whatever networks you choose for your social media and whoever your audience is, it is essential that your profile reflects your brand. Each network has a different selection of elements you can personalise, from profile pictures, to cover images, lists of services and highlights. We can create professional graphics which are perfectly sized and formatted to communicate your brand to your target audience and get your social media off on the right foot.

“It has been a pleasure working with the Inspiration Agency team. I wanted their help to raise the Clinic’s profile and the work they have done has been outstanding. Our social media engagement is up, website visitors are up and most importantly enquiries are up!”
Marie Swoboda – Your Cosmetic Clinic

We really do feel that every element of your marketing should have a plan behind it and this is even true for social media. If you just post as and when you feel like it, remember your social media will have no structure and your audience will feel confused. Without a plan updating your social media is also likely to get forgotten and before you know it weeks have gone by and you haven’t posted anything, so your social media becomes a set of apologies for not keeping on top of it. Once we have created a strategy and set up your social media accounts professionally our first step is creating a plan. Depending on the client and the regularity of posts we will schedule content either weekly, monthly or quarterly. We will create a full plan including dates and times of posts, text, image and link content for you to approve.

Our social media service includes the full planning and implementation of a social media campaign. We use scheduling tools to post social media content so you know exactly what is happening and when. We suggest that someone in your organisation keeps an eye on social media so that interactions can come from the company itself. Our social media service includes a full report either on a monthly or quarterly basis giving you data on views and interactions on social media and how this effected your website visitors. We will run through your report either in person or via telephone or video conference and use the data to adjust our strategy where necessary.

“We have worked with the Inspiration Agency since 2013. The Inspiration Agency is our outsourced marketing team, including regular blogging and social media activities. Since working with them, our turnover has increased year on year.”
Alan Adair – Extra Dimension

Advertising on social media is a relatively new marketing tool, which can be very effective when utilised correctly. In general it is quite a cheap way of advertising as your budget can be set very low, however unfortunately unless you know what you are doing you can end up not getting a good return on investment. As always the key to a good social media advertising campaign is all in the planning! One of the great things about social media is that it tracks your audience, so you can target your advert very specifically. Our social media advertising campaigns start with thinking about the audience. Who are we trying to reach? What do we want to tell them? How do we get them interested? The advert content image and text MUST be designed with this in mind and we always think through the ACTION. What do you want them to do – Like your page, Call you, Visit your website – whatever the action is…make it easy for them.

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