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Creativity is a funny thing…quite a lot of people are creative, but being able to create visuals with purpose,
that speak to specific people, tell a story or transmit a message is a bit more tricky. Our Design Agency Bournemouth specialises in doing just that.

Printed marketing materials are where we came from…in the days before websites and social media we designed brochures and flyers until we were blue in the face! Nowadays there is not so much call for printed communications (we can’t remember the last time we designed a letterhead), but you may find that your business still needs a bit of print – business cards for networking, a pull up banner to go behind you on a zoom call or perhaps flyers to hand out after a presentation. Whatever you need we certainly have the experience to get it right!

Way back in the early 2000’s we designed our first websites. It’s been a steep learning curve! It’s no good designing a website like a brochure, that’s not the point and of course the digital world keeps on changing so we are always learning! In order to design great websites we think it’s essential that you understand SEO, User Experience, Responsiveness, Copywriting….and that’s just for starters! We create websites that look great, but more importantly that work and that give your user the information they need to become your customer!

“The Inspiration Agency has been looking after all our marketing since 2013. We love the concepts they come up with, they always suit the look and feel of the hotel and appeal to our prospective guests. Tight deadlines are never a problem, the Inspiration Agency always comes through.”
Rachel Painter-Scott – The Norfolk Royale Hotel

The new wave! Everyone’s on social media now…right? And there are so many to choose from; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Tik Tok, YouTube (although some think YouTube is more of a search engine). The problem is that every social network is different. They have different audiences, different content, different algorithms or advertising opportunities. Because of our virtual nature we have experts in each network to make sure you are using the right social channels in the right way to get the best return on investment.

Exhibitions are a great way to meet your target audience face to face and there are so many to choose from, there is bound to be one that suits your needs. The main thing about exhibiting is that it requires planning….there is no point just turning up with some flyers and a tablecloths and hoping for the best. You need to plan which exhibitions you’ll attend, choose your space carefully, decide on your exhibition graphics, design your handout, get something to giveaway and then there is the pre and post show communication which is essential! Luckily we’ve been exhibiting in a range of sectors for years, so we can help you with absolutely all of this!

“I have used the Inspiration Agency since 2011 and I have always been really happy with the service I receive. The Inspiration Agency are really creative and I always love their designs, but they are also really efficient. Nothing gets forgotten and tight deadlines are never a problem.”
Emily Dillon – The Venue Salon

Whether you have a range of products to shoot or you just need some headshots for your LinkedIn profile, professional strategically thought out photography is a must for every business. If you are a consultant giving presentations to high level corporate clients then a picture of you by the pool in Ibiza is not going to cut it on your website. If your products are beautiful, handmade, carefully produced then a shot of them taken in your kitchen on your iPhone is not going to sell them. We really believe that an image speaks a thousand words, so investing in good photography for your business always gives a great return.

The new kids on the block it seems like everyone is ‘doing video’ these days. The thing is that more and more people are loving watching a video and prefer it to reading an article or blog. If your target audience is under 30 then you should almost certainly be doing it! We can help you create a Video Strategy for your business and either get you the training you need to do it yourself or help you with filming and editing to make sure you can leverage video for your business.

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