Ardmore Gresham provides support services for Chinese students studying in the UK. They work with both adult and under 18 students to help them with their education and also their lives in the UK.

The Brief

Ardmore Gresham’s objectives were: 

  1. A brand which would impress upon the Chinese clients the British nature of the business
  2. Communications documents for a professional approach when communicating with clients
  3. Copywriting for their website in perfect and colloquial English
  4. A website which communicated all their services offerings and reflected the British-ness of the business 

The Solution

In order to meet Ardmore Gresham’s objectives we:

  • Created a traditionally English logo in British Racing Green and Gold
  • Created a Letterhead template in Word for use in client communications
  • Built a WordPress Template website which was clear and informative
  • Wrote copy to appeal to the target audience in perfect colloquial English
  • Wrote series of blogs about the difference between English and Chinese cultures

The Results

“The Inspiration Agency have been so helpful in getting our new brand and website created. The end results are perfect for the Chinese market and just what I needed.”

Georgie Barnes

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