SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, which is the art of optimising your website for search engines in order that they rank more highly.

All of the websites we create are built with search engines in mind. They are responsive, have meta data for search engines to read and we will even help you to craft copy which includes relevant search words and phrases.

For some businesses this may be enough to get a good ranking position, however many may need more ongoing work. The volume of ongoing work varies from industry to industry and area to area. We always ensure that we work out a bespoke plan for your individual business.

This plan always starts with research…finding out what words and phrases people are actually searching for and in what volumes and then assessing what the competition are doing to achieve their search engine ranking position.

If we didn’t build your website the first step is often making changes to the content both front end (what your prospective customers see) and back end (what search engines see). We may also suggest changes to other parts of your site to improve conversion rates, after all it’s no good getting a great search engine ranking position if no one actually enquires!

The second step will be an ongoing program of search engine optimisation activities. This could incorporate building relationships with other websites, adding your website to various online directories, writing regular blog content or updating case studies and testimonials. Even work on your social media presence can help with search engine position.

If you would like help with SEO, drop us an email for a chat We promise not to bamboozle you with techy language and to be completely open and honest about your SEO.

Here are some examples of the results that we have achieved for our clients