Do I need video on my website?

Although I wouldn’t say that video is essential, it can really help your marketing for several reasons

  1. Google loves video, it has a whole separate search section for video – so video will do good things for your SEO ranking
  2. Having your video on YouTube gives you access to a whole new audience who are searching on their (plus did you know the Google owns YouTube…)
  3. Younger audiences LOVE a video and would rather watch a video about a product or service than read about it
  4. The estimate for internet video traffic for 2019 is that 80% of consumers will be searching and watching

However video can be expensive to get right and you may not necessarily want to BE in your video.

Some businesses feel that there is nothing worth videoing in their business, but a good video production company will always be able to come up with an effective idea to promote your business in video.

If you really don’t have much budget then there are now online tools you can use to create videos for your business.