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LinkedIn – A Basic Guide

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With over 660 million users across the world, LinkedIn is undoubtedly one of the top social media platforms today, but is your business using it to its full potential? Often underestimated, LinkedIn can help you improve brand awareness and build your network, as well as sharing your marketing content and ultimately growing your business. So, lets have a look at a few tips and tricks to help you get the most from LinkedIn.

Remember that it’s all about business.

First and foremost, LinkedIn is a social network designed around doing business, so when it comes to your social media marketing it’s essential that you maintain a professional atmosphere. This is not the place for your cat memes! Keep your content focused on a more professional and practical nature.

Create a great first impression.

Your profile is the face of your brand and it is essential that you conjure a lasting, positive impression. The quality of your profile can determine whether a potential client stays or leaves, so ensure your information is not just concise, but engaging. Don’t forget to get a professional headshot, not a pic of you by the pool on your holidays.


As part of the set up LinkedIn will lead you through finding people to connect with. It is very tempting to connect with loads of people and later to accept connections from anyone who asks, but take the time to think about whether these people will grow and improve your network or not.

Engage Regularly

Once you have set up your profile make sure you login and engage regularly. Take the time to post some content of your own, either in updates or, if you’ve got the time, by writing articles. Remember to like and comment on your connections’ content too.

Keep Track of Your Analytics

To help you understand your audience better, LinkedIn has a great analytics data. This allows you to see what your connections are interacting with and therefore direct your marketing effectively. Even more helpful is how you can use analytics to build your future posts and articles, by easily seeing the success of previous ones.

Recommend Others

As a business-oriented platform, you can use LinkedIn as a networking device. Recommending others will soon see you being recommended in turn, and the attitude towards your brand will flourish. Don’t forget to ask people to recommend you after you have completed a project or delivered a product.

Join Groups

The most efficient way of increasing traffic to your LinkedIn profile is to join groups. By joining suitable groups in your category, and by sharing interesting, relevant content, you can make yourself known within that community. You could also consider starting your own group. By doing so, you are allowing yourself more opportunities to build partnerships and client-brand relationships, as well as promoting your brand recognition.

I hope these brief guidelines help you use LinkedIn effectively for your business. If you are a Business to Business organisation then LinkedIn is a must, but even Business to Consumer businesses can find LinkedIn useful, so don’t rule it out!

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Social Media Myths

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There is no denying that social media is an important part of any business’ marketing strategy, but there is so much information flying about, its hard to know what is true and what isn’t. So when it comes to social media here are some myths I can definitely dispel

You must be on all Channels

There are so many social media channels, some you have heard of; Facebook, Twitter and Linked In for example. Some you not be so familiar with, such as; Pinterest and Foursquare. Some that have pretty much been and gone like Google +. And finally some which you may not even think of as social media such as YouTube.

You many have heard that you need to be on all social media channels, but not only is this probably impossible (you do want to have some time left to run your business – right?), but it is also not at all necessary. Your best course of action is to check out the main channels and see which ones are best suited to your business. Then focus on doing a few really well.

Social Media is only for young people

It is certainly true that many young people are very keen on social media, some might say ‘addicted to’. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t reach an older audience via social media. All networks have a different demographic, not just in terms of age, but also in terms of likes and dislikes.

The best way to establish whether your target audience are using social media and which channels they prefer is to actually ask them! Then you can decide whether it will help your business communications.

You should post a couple of times a day

Unfortunately it is this attitude that is causing more and more people to switch off from social media and particularly from Liking business pages. People tend to get kind of annoyed if their feeds are full of ‘sales chatter’ from businesses, rather than cute pictures of cats and babies.

The ideal number of posts you should make will really depend on your business, but most businesses don’t need to post more than a couple of times a week.

It’s free

Well this is true to some degree, it is free to set up a Business Profile on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In etc. However when you take into account the time it will take to manage your profiles and the fact that time is money, it’s suddenly not so free anymore.
If you decide you need a professional to manage your social media, then there are certainly going to be charges involved. Having said that social media as a marketing tool can be a great investment, you just need to think of it that way.

Buying Fans and Followers works

This is a BIG no no! The best way to get people to Like or Follow your business is to engage them with quality content. Buying Fans may increase your numbers, but it will not work as a marketing strategy, because in general these ‘people’ may not be real people at all. Even if they are they are not going to be your target audience, they may not even by in the same country as you!

It may take longer, but getting real people to Like and Follow your business is the only way to make social media work


If you need help with your social media marketing, whether it’s just getting your cover image right or managing your whole social media profile we can help, just get in touch