A brochure is the next step up from a flyer or leaflet. Many companies will never need a brochure, but if you have a range of products or services and especially if you meet prospective clients face to face then a brochure can be a great way to communicate with your target audience.

We would consider your printed item a brochure if it has stapled pages, it could still be a relatively small piece of print, but with more than four pages to fill it is more important than ever that the content and layout is right.

We can help with writing and structuring copy, sourcing stock imagery or planning a photoshoot and obviously with the design and printing of your brochure.

If you have a brochure it is likely to be a significant investment and something you use to promote your business for several years, so getting it right is essential.

Every brochure we design is bespoke for that client, so if you would like a quote for a brochure please drop us an email on

Here are some brochures we have designed for clients from hotels to social media monitoring software.