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Your brand is not just your logo, it incorporates everything from your colour palette and fonts to your tone of voice and the images you use. Every piece of marketing for your business will be more effective if your brand is right!

Our branding process always starts with listening. Either we’ll come to you or we can meet you somewhere convenient, especially if you are a virtual business like us! You don’t need to bring anything, or fill out a form beforehand, we’ll have a good chat about your business, what you offer, where you have come from, who your customers are, who you want them to be and of course who the competition are. This will give us all the information we need to come up with a great brand for your business.

We can just come up with some creative genius around your brand, but what is more useful in the long term is a Brand Strategy that you can take forward and really use in your business. Our Brand Strategy outlines everything you need to know to get the most from your Brand.

If you are starting a new business then your logo will be one of your most important communication tools and you really can’t start any marketing until you have it! It will probably be one of the first impressions a person has of your business, whether it is on your business card, your website or your signage, you want that impression to be right! Our logo design service is based on really listening to you, understanding your business and 20 years experience of creating great logos!

If your business is established then you will already have a logo, but perhaps your business, it’s products or services, or your target market have changed. Or maybe the logo was created in a rush or by your second-cousin, in which case you’ll probably going to need a rebrand. The process is similar to our logo design, with listening and understanding being all important, but also taking into account the history of the brand and ensuring that is not lost in the rebrand process. You want new and improved…not totally unrecognisable!

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