A few years ago it seemed as if digital reading material would overtake the traditional printed medium, but in recent years that trend appears to be reversing and print is seeing a resurgence.

Print Advertising comes in many shapes and sizes and although not all may be appropriate for your business when carefully considered and planned it can be a really effective use of your marketing budget.

Many businesses tend to book advertising as a last minute decision. You know the drill, XYZ Publication calls you up and says they have a last minute slot at an absolute bargain rate, but you have to decide straight away. This offer is too good to miss you think! Book me in! So you either send your content across to them and they knock up an advert for you, or you call your designer with a last minute request for a new advert, or maybe just a resize of an old one (to save money).

Publication day comes and goes and the phone does not ring. You don’t get any emails from new prospects desperate to take up your offer. Eventually you decide that advertising is just not a good investment.

In reality, advertising can give you a great return on investment, but only if it is carefully planned. You need to think of your target audience (or audiences), choose specific publications, plan your offer and content to suit that audience and publication and finally design your advert to meet all those goals.

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Here are some examples of advertising campaigns we have created for a range of clients